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Stationary and mobile Instrument Transformer Testing Systems

Our Instrument Transformer Test Systems (ITTS) are suitable for CT/VT testing according to IEC standards. The system can be operated manually and automatically. If required a mobile use is possible.


Basically the kind of generation and the required frequency is the decisive factor to choose the suitable source.


Voltage Regulating Transformer


Electronic Voltage Source

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Testing of Current Transformers (CT)

In order to choose your suitable CT test components the type of CT to be tested is as important as the required current.


Standard Current Module


Current transformer measuring bridge


Current transformer measuring bridge


Electronic Current Burden

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Testing of Voltage Transformers (VT)

Find components for high voltage testing as well as testing of electronic or conventional VT in this category.


High Voltage Transformer


Standard Voltage Transformer


Voltage transformer measuring bridge

WM1000 U

Voltage transformer measuring bridge


Electronic Voltage Burden

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Complete Systems for CT&VT Testing

In the following you can find examples for ITTS - complete and small systems as our new ITTS compact or special systems for CT and/or VT testing.

ITTS compact

Compact CT Test System

Generation: 10 kVA

ITTS (CT, 32 kVA)

CT Test System

Generation: 32 kVA

ITTS (CT, VT, 16 kVA)

CT and VT Test System

Generation: 16 kVA

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