About ZERA

Precision starts with us.

ZERA develops, manufactures and sells devices and systems for producing, measuring, testing and calibrating electrical quantities. Our focus lies in meter and instrument transformer test systems as well as precision laboratory systems.

Utilities, test laboratories and instrument transformer manufacturers are among our customers worldwide.

Independent and customer-oriented

ZERA is a company, led by its employees and has its main headquarters in Königswinter on the Rhine. Currently, over 100 employees are committed to precision of the highest quality. Our sales partners in over 70 countries guarantee the best technical consulting services on location.

Founded as the “Zähler-Eich-und-Reparatur-Anstalt“(Meter-Calibration-and-Repair-Institute) in 1920, ZERA evolved from a service provider for meter calibration into a highly specialized producer of testing technology. We are members of the FNN team of experts and share information and experience with metrological institutes around the world.

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