About ZERA


In 1920 Wilhelm Cremer founded the “Zähler-Eich-und-Reparatur-Anstalt“(Meter-Calibration-and-Repair-Institute) in Königswinter on the Rhine. At that time, calibration was an art that only very few mastered. The meter auditors personally went out and got their first contracts with the utilities in the area. Soon ZERA became known beyond the region for their ingenuity and their penchant for precision.

From service provider for meter calibration, over the years ZERA developed into a highly specialized producer of portable and stationary testing technology for all kinds of electricity meters and instrument transformers. Our solutions have significantly influenced the technological development of testing technology.

In 1950, ZERA developed the first electromechanical error indicator, followed by the electronic testing meter with 0.1% accuracy. At the end of the 90s, ZERA put the first comparator with digital technology and an accuracy of 0.01% on the market. The first primary standard PPCS for metrological institutes was created in 2008. ZERA’s test systems achieved the highest possible accuracy classes that found recognition worldwide.

Starting in 2000, our calibration laboratory received the accreditation from Germany’s National Accreditation Body (today DAkkS) – an approval that metrological laboratories accept worldwide.

Although locally established, ZERA has meanwhile become an internationally operating company: We develop and produce in Germany; however we export over 80 % of our products all over the world.

Precision starts with us. Today we can truly say this. We know that the extraordinary success of the past decades has only been possible thanks to the people that support the company with their knowledge, their ideas and their passion for quality.

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