Testing of voltage transformers (VT)

The measuring bridges in our WM series are suitable for testing conventional transformers as well as electronic and non-conventional digital transformers. WM1000 and WM3000 are primarily used to compare the secondary signals of the instrument transformer with the reference signal of a standard transformer.

The electronically compensated burdens are used as load for voltage transformers during a test. Choose between components for manual or automatic testing as well as fixed and variable burden levels.


Electronic Voltage Burden Max. six fixed burden steps; suitable for manual testing of instrument transformers


Electronic Voltage Burden Free selectable burden steps; suitable for manual and automatic testing of instrument transformers


High Voltage Transformer Voltage generation max. 500 kV


Standard Voltage Transformer Nominal voltage max. 500 kV/√3 kV


Voltage Transformer Measuring Bridge Suitable for conventional transformers


Voltage Transformer Measuring Bridge Suitable for all types of transformers


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