Portable current sources and current-voltage sources

While testing of meter installations on-site often a sufficient load is missing to achieve reliable results. You can generate currents up to 120 A and voltages up to 500 V with our sources.

Brand new in our product range is the MT551 standard set – a complete predefined package for load simulation with the most common accessories.

An overview of the entire MT series, consisting of test meters, sources and test systems, can be found in our “MT series leaflet”.

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Current Source Phases: 3 Generation: 20 A


Current and Voltage Source Phases: 3 Generation: 12 A / 300 V

MT551 Standard Set

Portable Current and Voltage Source with accessories Phases: 3 Generation: 500 V / 120 A Standard set MT551 incl. accessories, adjustment and factory calibration for one mains frequency.


Current and Voltage Source Phases: 3 Generation: 120 A / 500 V

When testing measuring installation on-site, it can be challenging if there is not enough load to get reliable results. With our portable power sources, you can generate currents of up to 120 A and voltages of up to 500 V, ensuring accurate and reliable measuring values. No matter how extensive the project you're working on, having the right equipment with portable current and voltage sources can make all the difference when it comes to getting the job done right. So why settle for anything less? Invest in our portable sources and enjoy the peace of mind that your meter installations will meet all limits and always comply with regulations.


Our portable sources are also designed to last. They are durable and reliable and can withstand all the conditions you may encounter in your work. They are easy to transport and come with a wide range of accessories.