Reference meter and source in one

Our definition of Test Systems is a Reference Meter with integrated source. Test systems are particularly usable for testing meter installations with defined current and voltage and only one single device should be used. Brand new in our product range is the MT786 standard set – a complete predefined package for on-site meter testing with the most common accessories.

An overview of the entire MT series, consisting of test meters, sources and test systems, can be found in our “MT series leaflet”.

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Portable Test System Phases: 3 Accuracy class: 0.1 Generation: 500 V / 120 A Measurement: 500 V / 120 A

MT786 Standard Set

Portable Test System with accessories Phases: 3 Accuracy class: 0.05 Standard set MT786 incl. accessories, adjustment and factory calibration for one mains frequency.


Portable Test System Phases: 3 Accuracy class: 0.05 Generation: 500 V /120 A Measurement: 500 V /120 A

If you are interested in a portable test system, it is important to know how each system differs. Essentially, a portable test system is a combination of a reference meter and an integrated current source or current and voltage source. What makes these systems special is that they are designed for on-site testing of meter installations with specific current and voltage requirements. The best thing about our portable test systems is that you'll find everything you need combined into just one device. It's incredibly convenient and efficient.


Our MT series test systems are lightweight and portable, so you can easily take them anywhere on-site. With our portable test systems, you can quickly and accurately perform test procedures on energy meters, ensuring the accuracy of your results.


In our company, we offer a range of portable test systems in different accuracy classes, which have integrated current or voltage source and generate test quantities up to 120 A and 500 V. Our selection of portable test systems covers a wide range of specifications and requirements, so you can find the perfect solution for your task with us.