Our Reference Standards achieve excellent results for accuracy and reliability. This product line is especially for Metrological Institutes important because of its national and international reliability.

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COM3003 [DC]

Comparator Phases: 3 Accuracy class: 0.008 (AC) / 0.04 (DC)


Comparator Phases: 3 Accuracy class: 0.008


Comparator Phases: 3 Accuracy class: 0.005


Reference Multimeter Phases: 3 Accuracy class: 0.02


Electronic Reference Meter Phases: 3 Accuracy class: 0.02


Electronic Reference Meter Phases: 3 Accuracy class: 0.02

ZERA's Reference Standards are extremely reliable and accurate, making them an excellent choice for anyone who values the highest quality. This product line is particularly important for metrological institutes due to its comprehensive national and international traceability. The Reference Standards are subject to rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the required standards. This gives users confidence in their measurements. If you value quality and precision in your work, ZERA's reference standards are an excellent choice.

Their good performance-to-price ratio makes them a good choice for laboratories of all sizes and budgets of all kinds. With ZERA's long-lasting Reference Standards, you can be sure that your measurements will be accurate and precise without stretching your budget beyond limits.

ZERA's Reference Standards are ISO 9001:2015 certified, so you can be sure they meet the following requirements:

- They are designed, manufactured and calibrated to the highest quality standards.

- They have excellent accuracy and repeatability.

- Corrective action is taken when deviations from tolerances occur.

- All materials and processes used are of high quality.

- Each Reference Standard is traceable to national or international standards.

Our Reference Standards are the ideal choice for anyone seeking the highest accuracy, reliability and economy in their measurements. Investing in one of these Reference Standards is an investment in the success of your laboratory. With guaranteed precision and accuracy, you can be sure that your results will always be reliable.