Select your individual Meter Test System (MTS) from our single components. Hints for useful combinations of devices can be found on the corresponding product page.
Beyond our conventional products for metrological testing you also find components of our new digital measuring system. Several modules of this product line cover the metrological testing as well as the testing of data communication.
In order to recognize easily if one of these products is suitable for data communication we marked it with an icon. We call these products suitable for Smart Meter testing.


Infrared Scanning Head For electronic meters  


Photoelectric Scanning Head For Ferraris or electronic meters with LED


Photoelectric Scanning Head For Ferraris or electronic meters with LED


Infrared Communication Adapter Data communication with EDL meter and Basiszähler (electrical energy meter)  


Infrared Scanning Head For EDL meters and Basiszähler (electrical energy meter) according to FNN guidelines LMN

Scanning head suspension – standard

Suspension in standard design

Scanning head suspension – advanced

Suspension in advanced design

Scanning head suspension – movable

Suspension with movable meter rack

Rotatable meter rack

Meter rack with rotatable axis 2 or 3 different meter types

If you are looking for an efficient and reliable way of performing meter testing, then you have come to the right place. Our Meter Test System (MTS) offers a range of individual components that allow to create a testing solution tailored to your needs. Whether you're interested in conventional metrological testing or the latest digital meter technology, you'll find the suitable product with us. And with the helpful tips and suggestions for combining devices on our product pages, finding the right components has never been easier. Our smart meter testing products are marked with a special symbol, so you can quickly see which devices are additionally suitable for data communication testing. So why wait? Get an overview of our range of components today and choose the ones that meets your requirements.

To give you some help on how to use our products, we have made some tutorials available for you on our service pages. At  you will find various descriptions of how to use our devices, sorted by product group. If you need further instructions or help in troubleshooting problems that may occur, we will provide you with detailed descriptions.

With the single components from ZERA for your individual meter testing system AC, you can be sure that, in addition to accurate and reliable test results, you will also receive the most intelligent solution for stationary meter testing.