With the help of ZERA’s modern measurement technology, you can test your charging columns! We offer testing solutions for the metrological testing of charging columns on site, testing for the correctness of the measurement accuracy. These are tests that have to take place again and again, e.g. when the calibration period of the charging pole has to be extended or maintenance has been carried out on the charging pole.

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Test case for AC charging stations Current measurement up to 32 A AC Connector type 2 (EU)


Test case for AC charging stations Current measurement up to 80 A AC Connector type 1 (USA)


Test case for AC and DC charging stations Current measurement up to 32 A AC / 200 A DC Connector type 2 / CCS 2 (EU)

Testing charging stations with technology from ZERA

We provide you with technology developed by specialists for testing e-charging stations. The compact solution is easily stowable and easy to handle. With our products, you can quickly and easily perform direct measurements on your vehicle and the charging station. Invest in our measurement solution and ensure that your charging stations are billing in compliance with calibration laws.

Making installations functional and available in the long term

Our accessories can be used to carry out on-site measurements of your charging station for electric vehicles. You do not need any mains supply for the application or testing of e-charging stations, so our measurement solution can be used flexibly. With the help of our test systems, you can test charging stations precisely. You receive the measured values simply at a glance and can thus quickly detect inaccuracies and intervene if necessary. In addition, testing e-charging stations with the help of our products can support fault diagnosis. Keep the reliability of your equipment at a high level by using our reliable and accurate testing systems.

Checking charging columns – verifiable conformity with legal regulations

With ZERA’s modern technology, you can check charging stations, record their condition and thus ensure safety. E-charging stations also have legally defined requirements that must be met. Technical requirements are laid down in the charging station ordinance and DGUV and must be kept up to date in accordance with the law. A testing system can help you to fulfil the testing obligation and thus ensure compliance with legal requirements. With the technical solutions from ZERA, you can test charging columns and operate charging systems in compliance with legal regulations.

ZERA ensures standard-compliant testing of e-charging stations

Our employee-managed company shines with expertise, modern solutions and customer-oriented advice. Take advantage of our decades of expertise and receive first-class professional services. Valuable experience enables us to offer innovative and reliable technology for standard-compliant testing of e-charging stations. With the help of our forward-looking and service-oriented approach, we succeed in equipping and satisfying international customers worldwide with modern technology. Become part of our satisfied clientele and convince yourself of the quality of our services. You can find out more about our products and services during a non-binding appointment with our specialists. Invest in our measurement technology and ensure that your charging points are calibrated. At ZERA, we guarantee you precise measurements and the associated flexible and comprehensive service.