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MTS320 (COM3003)
Source system

Image of ZERA MTS320 (COM3003) Source system
Design 48,26 cm (19“) cabinet
Accuracy class 0.01
Output power U 3 x 500 VA
Test voltage P N 40 ... 320 V (AC/DC)
Output power I 3 x 1500 VA *
Test current 0 ... 120 A (AC)
Main functions

Generation of test values for up to three test positions

  • Control cabinet
  • Frequency generator (FG301)
  • Voltage amplifier (VU221)
  • Current amplifier (VI201)
  • Reference standard (COM3003)
  • Fan unit with control
  • Main switch
Scope of application

Usage in ZERA Meter Test Systems


Usable in Metrological Institutes and test laboratories

* 1500 VA @ 120 A

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