ZERA - devices and systems for producing, measuring, testing and calibrating electrical quantities

1ph - 20 positions
Standard test bench 20 positions

Image of ZERA 1ph - 20 positions Standard test bench 20 positions
Phases 1
Main functions Testing of single-phase electricity meters including data management
  • Double table with 10 test positions on each side
  • Meter rack and horizontal bars prepared for meter suspensions
  • Error calculatur DS421
  • Display unit DSA400
  • Measuring and connecting adapter CCM1001
  • Multi secondary voltage transformer MSVT
  • Scanning head suspension, basic
Scope of application Combined with a power source system e.g. MTS140 this test bench is used as a single-phase meter test system with 20 test positions.
Specials Extendable by MTS components
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