ZERA - devices and systems for producing, measuring, testing and calibrating electrical quantities


Image of ZERA COM5003 Comparator
Image of ZERA COM5003 Comparator
Phases 3
Voltage measurement 100 mV … 600 V
Reference voltage ranges 10 V DC
Current measurement 0,5 mA … 160 A (AC)
Accuracy class 0.005
Main functions
  • Testing of current and voltage test devices as well as single- or polyphase power and energy testing systems
  • Actual values
  • Vectorial diagram
  • Curve diagram
  • Harmonic measurement
  • Error measurement
  • Reference measurement
  • Easy implementation of further measuring tasks
Scope of application

Application as primary standard for metrological institutes and test laboratories

  • Simultaneous energy measurement in four measurement modes
  • Power measurement at alternating energy direction
  • Simultaneous error measurement with up to four pulses of DUT
  • Active impedance compensation at currents ≤100 mA
  • Operation via capacitive touch-screen
  • Traceability of measurement accuracy by connection of DC- and frequency standard
  • Remote control
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