Quality in every detail

We are specialized in the development of customer-specific systems. We have recently designed a system for quality assurance for a large meter manufacturer which is specially customized to a specific type of meter. Discover our quality – in every detail.

  • Mechanical preparation for further wiring and assembling
  • Prepared panels with cut-outs for error calculators, contact blocks and cable guiding
  • Single test position including error calculator and contacting
  • Wiring between scanning heads and error calculators
  • The protection cover is integrated into the security circuit which switches off the test values when opening.
  • Gas shock absorbers serve for smooth closing of the cover.
  • The scanning heads are firmly connected with the protection cover. Cable guiding of the scanning heads along the cover.
  • Using isolated current transformers (ICT) for galvanic isolation
  • One single three-phase ICT123 supplies three single-phase test position

  • Total view with opened protection cover.
    12 test positions on one side.
  • Quality assurance system for testing totally 24 meters.
    The integrated single-phase source mounted underneath the test bench serves for generation of test values.

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