ZERA Service

Just see and understand

From now on our new tutorials will help you with answering your smaller and bigger questions on how to handle our devices. We show you not only the right handling of clamps and scanning heads at our MT-devices but also the linking of measuring bridges to the PC and the balancing of new burden steps.
We are looking forward to getting ideas, suggestions and a feedback from you. Tell us what you need to have explained.

Instrument Transformer Testing

How to configure the network setting for ZERA brigdes?

How to create and calibrate new burden steps?

Portable Meter Testing

How to connect MT3000 reference meter and MT551 source?

How to connect a reference meter (MT320), a source (MT500) and a meter under test correctly?

How to configure AC current clamps of the MT series?

(& How to set the correct current ranges?)

What happens if AC current clamps are connected in the wrong direction?

How to set the scanning head into the right position?
Effects of extraneous light during measurements.

How to adjust a scanning head properly to detect rotor marks?
Negative influences of dust or dirt.

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